May 28, 2014

Emakina creates Marine litter ‘Sea matters’-video for EEA

Posted by Luc Malcorps

With its new production on Marine litter, Emakina continues its inspired series of videos for the European Environment Agency. The many problems emerging from the waste collecting in our seas is one of the topics the EEA focuses on in 2014.

We are suffocating our seas

Increasing amounts of litter end up in the world’s oceans. So, take a journey under the water of our seas and experience the threat and the silent cry for help. Put on your headphones, switch to full screen and emerge yourself in “Sea Matters”.

Most of this marine litter originates inland, far from the coasts. The result is that we are endangering the health of ecosystems and killing animals who become trapped or swallow our litter. Closer to home, human health is also at risk. Plastics  breaks down into smaller pieces that may subsequently end up in our food.

Join the EEA in its efforts!

Although nobody wants this situation, it is getting worse. There is a growing community of people across the world who are joining the movement to solve this problem. Learn more on the EEA’s work on their website, and join in te debate, on their Facebook page, Twitter and Google+. You can also join the Marine Litter Watch, and use the Marine Litter App for Android and Apple to inform the EEA on litter you find on the beach.


This new clip is once more filmed under water, like Emakina’s award winning video ‘Air’, that was part of last year’s EEA campaign for its 2013 main topic Air quality. Take a look at the case on this production on Emakina’s new website…

Experts explain and ask for your support

Emakina is also creating a series of short videos where EEA experts call upon the world to join their efforts. For the Marine Litter issue, Portuguese EEA expert Constança Belchior places our waste habit in perspective and calls upon us all to act. Emakina produced this video, with the in-house animation team adding some power to her words with clean 2-D animations.


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