April 24, 2020

Add your sound and video in support of www.clapandact

Posted by Luc Malcorps

The call from the Belgian university hospitals to help them in this Coronacrisis is making waves online. Donations are coming in and people across the country are sharing their support video clips with the hashtag #ClapAndAct. Emakina is proud to drive this campaign. Now the agency boosts the action once more, with its own video.

Show (y)our support!

Our call to action in the new video from all colleagues at Emakina is clear.
Show your support, upload your video to Instagram or Facebook with #CLAPANDACT. And why not add your own team or company video to the mix, the more the merrier! And through our donations on www.clapandact.be we ensure the future of our hospitals!

For this clip +100 colleagues of the agency send in their ‘one-clap-clip’. The team made a selection to create a snappy video mix on the beat of the campaign.

Lots of creative clips

Besides this united Emakina clip, several Emakina colleagues have also uploaded their own inspiring messages on their personal social channels.
These creative clips include striking guitar solos, rhythmic clapping and dancing, and even a whole street applauding and banging drums (while respecting the necessary physical distance). All moving statements of solidarity, cheering together for our courageous healthcare providers.

In the meantime, more and more artists join the movement as well. Cool clips include original creations from Eric Melaerts, Phil Abraham and Boogie Boy and young talent like Nathan Daems, Edor, and Daan Pifferoen. A special ‘Bravo!’ is in order for the wonderful Kenza, who sings and dances along with her father Manuel Hermia 🙂

Time for you to join in!

1. Go to www.clapandact.be to make a donation, if you can.

2. Share your support video, adding #ClapAndAct.
Use the rhythm of the campaign, like in this fun clap clip or in Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini‘s master chef’s version!

3. Musicians: get with the beat!
Visit the artists link, download the backtrack and make your own amazing clip. Here are some examples, from Edor, Eric Melaerts and Nathan Daems

We all want positive action in these bizarre times.
This is your chance to make it happen!

So please, add your positive sound and video to the big wave of support for our hospitals! #ClapAndAct! Come together… while keeping our distance!

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