April 28, 2020

Emakina and Wunderman Thompson asked who is ‘De Mol’, for Rodenbach and VIER

Posted by Luc Malcorps

The 3 finalists in this year’s De Mol Competition. (Image : Vier.be)

For seven weeks, over one million viewers flocked to Belgian channel VIER for the iconic tv show ‘De Mol’. Starting with 10 candidates in Greece executing exciting challenges, 3 candidates made it to the final episode. On their adventures, they had to succeed in as many assignments as possible, to earn money, while keeping an eye on each other to find the cunning saboteur in their midst…the mole.

This year, Belgian beer Rodenbach and Wunderman Thompson wanted to give extra sparkle to their collaboration with Vier, by adding and original online ‘Mollpoll’ to the highly successful ‘De Mol’ program, so die-hard fans could cast their vote on who the mole might be. They provided the design and activation, while Emakina’s digital experts took on the challenge to create the online poll and make it run like clockwork.

The Mollpoll

This fun online competition was prepared down to the last detail, together with 8 experts from Emakina’s digital team. Quite a digital challenge, because immediately after each broadcast, the online voices flooded in by the thousands. The participants had to be able to register or log in super fast on vier.be/mollpoll, and quickly cast their votes to indicate their suspected mole. And only minutes after the broadcast, the results of the voting round had to pop up on the real-time dashboard, providing extra food for discussion in the debriefing show in Rodenbach Café in the studio.

Participants in the competition had a chance to win a refreshing Rodenbach prize. And for the final game winner, who correctly indicated 21-year old Alina Churikova as the mole in the group, MSC Cruises offered a cruise voucher for €3,000 (to enjoy after the lockdown!).

A spicy technical challenge

Emakina managed to integrate the external authentication system of the Vier.be website into the poll page using Selligent technology as the engine. It carried out a series of major stress tests, to cope with confidence with the peak in traffic. But above all, it made the poll a great additional experience for fans of the program.

And, of course, everything was done in the greatest secrecy, because even for Wunderman and Emakina’s team of 8 experts, the question remained… ‘Who is the mole?’!

Jelle D’Hondt, online editor at VIER.be concluded:
“The collaboration with Emakina was intensive and exciting. Registering and voting for De Mol had to go smoothly and flawlessly. The results also had to be available immediately, with the dropout candidate being adjusted immediately on all pages, making it even more challenging. To make it happen, the team used Selligent’s capabilities as a tool very well”.

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