The importance of online marketplaces in a post-covid world

Last year, as lockdowns became the new normal, and consumers were forced to shop online out of necessity, businesses were forced to rapidly change their strategies to digital. Online marketplaces appear to be the biggest beneficiary of this “new normal” as consumers start to replace their regular trips to the stores with browsing shops online. […]

Expérience employé : bilan d’une année chaotique pour les entreprises

L’année 2020 aura sans aucun doute marqué un temps d’arrêt, une mise en perspective de nombreuses certitudes et certaines prises de conscience. Cette année marquée par la crise a mis en lumière tout un ensemble d’a priori, de décalages et d’incompréhensions au sein d’une entreprise. Tout a commencé avec le télétravail imposé qui n’a pas […]

L’alternative au numérique n’existe pas : il est devenu un refuge

Le Covid-19 a craqué l’allumette qui a mis le feu aux poudres. Cette crise fut la catharsis qui révéla les manques des organisations. Parmi ceux-ci, le plus crucial était le manque d’adaptation des organisations face à des salariés pour la plupart prêts au changement (et qui ont d’ailleurs révélé leur engagement). Le confinement et les […]

Pari tenu ! Emakina crée un site e-commerce en 14 jours pour le groupe Al Hokair

Le Moyen-Orient n’a pas été épargné par la crise. Comme dans la majorité des pays du monde, le confinement a été imposé en mars. Et comme partout ailleurs, le commerce physique a été fortement impacté avec une chute spectaculaire des ventes. Le Groupe Al Hokair fait partie des acteurs économiques du retail qui ont le […]

Preparation is key: 3 tips to prepare for an effective online workshop

All of us were thrown into working remotely, completely unprepared for the pace and scale of the change. We had to quickly adapt to new ways of communication, remote collaboration and managing productivity. Workshops and co-creation sessions are in the core of our day-to-day work. In “normal life” those sessions are built around all participants […]

Post-COVID working: back to the office, work-from-home or hybrid?

Mark Kaslatter shares his thoughts on returning to the office. Back to the office, work-from-home or hybrid? Discover more in this complete interview.

Will the office of the future fit on the tip of our nose?

One of the main benefits coming out of the 2020 annus horribilis is technology’s impact on the future of office work. Remote working could just become the norm in sectors where it is feasible. In 2019, 22% of Belgian workers were already regularly working remotely (compared to 5% in the EU). These numbers will certainly rise drastically in the (very near) future. Giants of the web, with Facebook in the lead, seem confident that tomorrow’s office will be virtual.

Extra Q&A Session with Brian Solis

Brian Solis came back to answer a few extra questions about the future of business in a post-Covid world. How can innovation boost businesses through this crisis? The business world is being changed and companies must already adapt to the upcoming post-COVID19 world.

Top 5 attributes of a caring remote culture

How to show you care for your people in times of social distancing? Our Strategy Director Joy shares the top 5 attributes we have amplified since the COVID-19 outbreak. In times of crisis opportunities open up to demonstrate how much you care for your colleagues and the teams you lead. 1. Facilitating a healthy and […]

Getting more from Salesforce

COVID-19 has a major impact on all of our lives, both personally and in the way we do business. This has many implications for your e-business; from changes in customer shopping habits, to increasing customer enquiries.  One thing is certain: things are moving fast and businesses need to be able to react quickly to the […]

Will Covid-19 durably transform the way we work?

At the end of 2019, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) were still fairly niche technologies. Even in video games, immersive worlds were not succeeding in enticing the general public, despite the release of major titles dedicated to these platforms, such as Half-Life: Alyx and the hugely popular Pokemon Go. But since the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, which could impact us for quite a while, things have been evolving. We can now expect an increase in the practical applications of AR and VR in our daily lives, on both personal and professional levels. This is exciting news — which we desperately need in these troubled times.

Comment s’engager dans l’accélération de sa transformation digitale ?

Face à la transformation digitale qui s’accélère pour les entreprises après la crise et la reprise, l’action est de mise. L’inertie et la lenteur restent parmi les plus grands dangers de l’époque. Alors comment appréhender tous ces changements qui surviennent de manière progressive, brutale ou même naturelle ? La réponse peut paraître simple : l’adaptation […]

Brian Solis in Emakina Webinar: in these dark times, be the light

Digital anthropologist and global thought leader Brian Solis shared his ideas with us on moving forward in these extraordinary Covid-19 times, in an exclusive Emakina webinar on 23 June 2020.
The novel economy offers a rare opportunity to identify problems of the old normal and rebuild as a digital-first business. More resilient, relevant and in harmony with the times.
In his award-winning book ‘Lifescale’, Brian Solis invites us to join him on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Now more than ever, his message is important. So, the 8-time bestselling author shared his thoughts on how to find back our balance and master our destinies. People could work less, be more creative, engaged, happy and healthy. This takes a mindful program.

Brice Le Blévennec: Covid-19 highlights the value of a strong corporate culture

The corona crisis is an eye opener for many companies. The main lesson: you need a strong corporate culture to withstand sudden disruption of all procedures.
Emakina Group CEO Brice Le Blévennec was one of 70 business leaders asked by Libre ECO what lessons companies can learn from the Covid-19 pandemic. And how they will continue after this strange period comes to a close…
Some managers talked about the importance of digital technology, e-commerce, or digital transformation. Brice focused on the value of a strong corporate culture.

Devenir e-commerçant en quelques jours seulement avec Shopify

Depuis quelques mois maintenant, Shopify fait de plus en plus de bruit en France et nombreuses sont les entreprises à désormais envisager cette solution e-commerce. Avec elle, la promesse de faire du e-commerce en quelques jours seulement sans avoir à gérer les aléas propres à la maintenance du site et autres corrections de bugs.  Sous […]

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